About Western National Insurance Group

Western National Insurance Group is a private mutual insurer with over 100 years of experience serving policyholders' property and casualty insurance needs. From its roots as a St. Paul-based fire insurer for Minnesota's creameries and cheese factories, to its current role as a super-regional insurer for individuals, families, and businesses all over the Midwestern, Northwestern, and Southwestern United States, Western National has always defined success as a measure of the relationships they've built over time. They believe it's this commitment to relationships that explains their stability and growth over the past century.

Western National’s tagline is The Relationship Company, and it is a philosophy that influences every area of the company including how it serves its employees. The company offers flexible work hours, generous health plans and a robust retirement plan. Its out-of-the-ordinary benefits include wellness offerings such as onsite yoga and massage, education on topics that range from nutrition to managing finances, weight watchers and exercise challenges, and team sporting events. To assist employees confronted with an emergency, the company offers an emergency loan program and a shared leave bank for PTO. The company also offers a paid volunteer day to each employee every year to use as they choose, whether it’s for a cause they are personally connected to or an initiative organized by the company to participate in.

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What employees say

“Everybody I work with is so great!”
“Great daily work environment.”
“What I do matters.”
“Strength of its leadership.”
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