About Washburn Center For Children

Washburn Center for Children is Minnesota's leading children's mental health center, caring for a wide variety of children's needs such as trauma, anxiety, depression and learning difficulties. Children's mental health is foundational to their ability to experience success in school – academically and socially. Washburn provides early intervention so children can overcome their social, emotional or behavioral problems, recapture the joy of childhood, and grow to become healthy adults. The nonprofit's $9.1 million budget serves more than 2,700 children each year through an array of center-based, in-home and school programs.

Responding to the community's needs, Washburn expanded its mental health services and doubled the number of children served in the past six years. Washburn's training program prepares tomorrow's brightest children's mental health professionals. Between 75-80 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral interns train at Washburn each year, learning best practices in children's mental health care that they then carry out to communities and children across the nation.

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