About Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Clinics (PDR Clinics)

Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Clinics (PDR) is a premier provider of outpatient rehabilitation services founded on the principles of high-quality, nonsurgical care using evidence-based protocols to address chronic neck and back pain. Our multi-disciplinary approach includes Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation physicians, Advanced-Practice Physical and Occupational Therapists that have been trained specifically in neck and back care, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), lifestyle modification programs and MedX therapy sessions to ensure superior outcomes.

Each patient receives an individualized, custom program that addresses their specific needs and condition(s).

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What employees say

“I am treated respectfully and feel I can help maintain the high quality care that patients receive at our clinic. It feels great to be part of a high quality patient care facility. ”
“I feel PDR is a great place to work because it offers a learning and growing opportunity. It is always challenging .”
“I work with amazing people and together we have a mutual goal to make PDR everyday. ”
“My ideas are respected.”
“The people at PDR really care about the patient and each other. We are always innovating to be better and get better results with the patient. Innovation, new ideas, are encouraged and supported.”
Where to find Physicians’ Diagnostics & Rehabilitation Clinics (PDR Clinics)