About Orion Associates

Orion Associates is a management services company, providing services in the areas of Program Support, Finance, Human Resources and Training to the public and a growing list of client companies, primarily those in the human services field, including companies in Minnesota, Utah, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Ohio. Orion continually strives to be a successful management company, providing its clients with services of the highest quality, through professionalism, competency, efficiency, and courtesy. Orion also strives to create for its employees the best work experience possible as a place where employees can grow personally and professionally.

Most significantly, Orion has committed itself to giving back to the community through its substantial volunteer programs. Orion believes that business can be a catalyst for creating positive change in the community, if the leaders and employees of a company make that choice. Orion has chosen to do so. As the company?s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rebecca Thomley has put it, ?Orion is committed to creating a world of hope. As an organization, we recognize that it is not only important what we do, but how we feel about what we do.?

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What employees say

“Orion allows me to do exactly what I want to be doing.”
“Company philosophy, ethics, friendliness, flexibility, good benefits.”
“It seems to be a company that is growing rapidly and there seems to be a lot of room for growth.”
“Their hearts and creativity.”
“We strive for so much more than I would have ever expected of a company. Our volunteer work along with the great quality care we provide as been the most meaningful to me as a contributing employee.”
Where to find Orion Associates