About Magenic

For two decades, Magenic has been tackling the toughest, most complex software development projects and delivering software that moves companies forward. Driven by the two technical leaders that founded the company, we address modern enterprise application development challenges and tailor solutions to best fit our clients. Magenic prides itself on transforming businesses through technology and taking them from where they are to where they want to be. We provide our clients flexibility by working with you in a way that is best for your business, the expertise to address your most mission-critical software challenges, and the velocity necessary to get projects out the door.

What employees say

“I have always been provided opportunity, flexibility, benefit of the doubt, and encouragement from all here at Magenic. What's not to love?”
“I work on interesting projects at different companies, it doesn't get stale, and new technologies are constantly being introduced. ”
“The company is flexible and the job is fun.”
“Friendly coworkers and management.”
“Being encouraged to bring my best every day and appreciated for it.”
Where to find Magenic