About IdentiSys Inc

We sell equipment, supplies and service for Identification, Tracking, Security, CCTV and Customer Flow Management. Basically, we sell the equipment and supplies for making all types of Identification such as employee IDs, credit cards, membership cards, and metal plate applications like VIN plates and engine plates. We also offer a full line of tracking applications that use the card or biometrics to locate people or property, and to administer frequent buyer and loyalty programs. In addition we offer full access control and CCTV security systems for all types of businesses with security needs.

Finally, we offer systems that control, improve, and report on the flow of customers at locations that often have long waiting lines. A good example is a DMV or casino buffet.

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“It is the best place I have worked in over 30 years.”
“It's fun and meaningful. ”
“Opportunity. Great bonuses and perks.”
“The owners really care about me!”
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