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Star Tribune Top Workplaces 2012
Brenny Transportation Inc

Employees in region:
Distribution, Logistics, & Freight
HQ location:
Saint Cloud, MN

Top Workplace

About Brenny Transportation Inc

To offer Grand Champion Customer Service while providing global transportation solutions.

What employees say

“I can be myself here. There is high energy that keeps me motivated to always do my best not only at work but in my personal life. Brenny Transportation Inc. is the best job I have had.”
“Our team building and commitment that each team member has, and the spiritual side that we all have along with having fun!”
“Empowers me to push myself, delegates tasks to me so I can learn, and whatever they learn they in teach me.”
“Working at Brenny is all about the TEAM, ENERGY, MOTIVATION, LAUGHING, FUN, HARD WORK, TRUST, and all the other EXCITEMENT that this team creates. ”
“I get respect, my voice counts.”
“I enjoy my job, the people I work for care about my well being. I can honestly say we are the best in the business.”
Where to find Brenny Transportation Inc