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About Broadstone Real Estate, LLC

As a proven sponsor of Real Estate Investment Trusts, Broadstone has earned a national reputation for judgment and discipline that translates into predictable and favorable results. Broadstone Real Estate is a full-service real estate company that serves as the sponsor of two private real estate offerings and manages commercial and residential properties across 34 states. Our lines of real estate management include: - Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. – a private Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) that invests in freestanding, single-tenant, absolute net-leased properties located throughout the United States.

It currently owns more than 340 medical, industrial and retail properties in 34 states. - Broadtree Homes, Inc. – a private real estate offering that invests in single-family homes for rental in multiple markets, including Monroe County, New York; Palm Beach County, Florida; the Atlanta, Georgia area; and the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. It currently owns 470 residential properties. - Broadstone’s Commercial Property Services actively manages multi-tenant office and retail properties in the Rochester, New York area.

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What employees say

“I get to wake up every day and enjoy coming to work.”
“I work with some of the most intelligent, motivated people I have ever met and am given the tools and ability to provide for my family at a fun, flexible organization where I truly feel appreciated.”
“It is fantastic to be a part of such a dynamic, growing company with a tremendous work ethic.”
“The people here are what I come to work for. I'm honored I have a chance to work with some of the brightest people I've ever met.”
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