Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke

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Riverside, CA


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About Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke

We are an architectural firm and we design buildings, both public and private across Southern California. A great deal of our work has been focused on designing new schools and renovating old schools. We also have designed numerous public buildings in the Inland Empire, including Riverside City Hall, the Riverside County Administrative Center, the expansion of the County Admin Center, and various Fire Stations and Operation Centers. We are also in commercial and office design work in Southern California.

What employees say

“The workplace culture. It is very pleasant to work at Ruhnau Ruhnau Clarke. You will not just be a number when you work here.”
“I love the work that I do and I love the people that I work with.”
“I have the flexibility to work with a variety of different groups of people and to learn something different from each group.”
“That we all work closely to accomplish the same goals in a professional yet friendly manner.”
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