About NAMM California, Part of OptumCare

North American Medical Management California, Inc. (NAMM), part of OptumCare, develops and manages provider networks, offering a full range of services to assist physicians and other providers in their managed care and business operations (the “Clients”). NAMM offers a full range of management services from which physician groups, IPAs and hospital systems may select to structure an arrangement most suitable for their needs. What distinguishes NAMM beyond these core services, are its innovative approaches to adapt quickly by modifying its model as appropriate to suit the local market needs, and to align the interests of all providers to work toward mutual goals.

NAMM is open to working with physicians hospital systems and health plans seeking affiliation options through management relationships, joint ventures and equity/ownership position by NAMM. The success of NAMM can be attributed to an operational and medical management infrastructure designed to promote coordinated care delivery systems.

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What employees say

“I feel supported and the leadership has strong values and integrity.”
“They care enough to see that you have all information needed to make a clear resolution of dispute.”
“I am trusted to work independently and am free to make improvements as I become aware of the need.”
“The fact that we are helping patients with their healthcare.”
“NAMM is a great place to work. I look forward to coming to work every day.”
Where to find NAMM California, Part of OptumCare