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The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Top Workplaces 2011
Weston Solutions, Inc.

Employees in region:
HQ location:
West Chester, PA

Top Workplace
’10, ’11

About Weston Solutions, Inc.

More than 50 years ago, Weston Solutions, Inc. (WESTON®) was created to provide sustainable solutions to our clients, and we’ve been building on that foundation ever since. We deliver integrated environmental, sustainability, property redevelopment, energy, and construction solutions. Dedicated to making a difference in the world, the company’s 1,800 people reach out from 60 offices around the globe to build strong stakeholder relationships and produce solutions that work. WESTON takes the lead in assembling the right team, whether it comprises many companies and other stakeholders or just a few key individuals.

Each project helps to grow sustainable value and solve complex, emerging problems for the environment and infrastructure worldwide. Our dedication to our clients, our employees, our communities, and the environment, coupled with our history of strong performance, makes WESTON the Trusted Integrator for Sustainable Solutions.

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What employees say

“My manager empowers me to do what I do best. He gives me the latitude to work on my own while supplying me the resources to help me achieve what I don't always believe is possible.”
“I feel sustainability is a great and fulfilling market”
“The work we do is extremely important and has a significant impact on the quality of life for many people. ”
“I get to do what I do best and I work with the best people in the industry every day. ”
“I have always been able to get involved in things that interest me and expand my role. I've never felt like I've stopped learning or growing. ”
“I get to do what I do best every day and do it with people I really enjoy. I have a great boss who listens to my advice, and my opinions are valued. My work-life balance and flexibility are just right.”
Where to find Weston Solutions, Inc.