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The Philadelphia Inquirer and Daily News Top Workplaces 2010
The Michaels Organization

Employees in region:
Real Estate
HQ location:
Marlton, NJ

Top Workplace

About The Michaels Organization

The Michaels Organization is a family of six integrated real estate companies, dedicated to excellence in affordable, mixed income, and military housing. Our comprehensive expertise includes: Development, Financing, Tax credit syndication, Construction and Construction management Asset management, Property management, And award-winning social service programs.

What employees say

“I love my job because my boss has confidence in me when he gives me a task and he knows I'll go the extra mile to complete the task. People are here for 20-30 years & that says a lot - they don't leave! This is a good thing! They understand you have a personal life and at times it interferes with work hours.”
“I am overjoyed to have a loyal, caring employer in today's horrible work environment...there are very few organizations who have long term employees who have worked for them 15-20-30 years! I think that says it all. Most of our employees are long term and intend to retire here.”
“It is run by well informed intelligent individuals with high values and morals...we are a unified team and care about our employees. The majority of employees in the headquarters office has been here over 15 years...some as high as 25-30 - they don't leave because they love it.”
“I love the scope of work that I do. My boss and supervisor both trust me and rely on me to get things done. I am appreciated and feel that this is a strong company that will continue to grow and have me grow with it.”
“I've always felt respected by everyone in the firm and I feel my growth and tenure with the company is going to continue. This is a career for me, not a job, and I'm proud to work for the company I've chosen.”
“I enjoy working with the people in this organization. After 19 years, I feel as though we are a family. I have the greatest respect for the management of this organization. ”
“The family values that this company believes in makes it a great pleasure. They are very confident in the employees performance and allow work from home as needed.”
“Michaels Organization is, beyond doubt, a CARING organization - transforming our daily work and environment to be an overall positive and rewarding experience.”
Where to find The Michaels Organization