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NewAge Industries, Inc.

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Southampton, PA

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About NewAge Industries, Inc.

A manufacturer of plastic and rubber tubing and hose, NewAge Industries stocks millions of feet of PVC, polyurethane, silicone, TPR, nylon, PTFE, FEP, PFA, polyethylene, polypropylene, latex, and other materials. The company also distributes a variety of plastic and metal fittings and clamps. Custom capabilities consist of heat-formed shapes, thermal bonding, special compounds, cut pieces, packaging, hose assemblies, and coiling. NewAge's AdvantaPure product line offers sanitary fittings, tubing, hose, assemblies, molded silicone components for single-use process systems, and asset management systems.

These items are designed for high purity applications such as those in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. AdvantaPure products are part of the life-saving drug manufacturing process, including those for flu vaccines. AdvantaPure's most recent innovation involves gamma-radiation-resistant radio frequency identification (RFID) for the tracking of critical process components and medical devices. The technology provides dependable, highly secure identification while it reduces paper and error-prone handwritten records. NewAge sells its products globally through distribution and direct sales. Approximately 15% of the company's sales are attributed to exports.

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What employees say

“Management at Newage is very receptive to new ideas and new ways of improving existing processes. They hold quarterly meetings on the financial outlook of the organization in which he explains how business was the previous quarters and even provides financial data directly for all team members to see.”
“The work environment is open and friendly. In 20+ years with this company, I have never had a day where I dreaded going into work. With this company, a team member is viewed as a full person, not just another body needed to get the work done.”
“NewAge cares about long term retention and making work a positive environment. I am glad to get up and go to work everyday because I know the work I do means something and it is appreciated.”
“After I accepted the position here at NewAge, the week before I started, NAI sent me flowers at home telling me they are looking forward to having me join the team. Each anniversary the CEO mails an anniversary card to each employee with a personal handwritten note in the card.”
“We have a good benefits package including vacation and personal time. After your 5 year anniversary at NewAge, we receive a William Penn credit card good for $60 a month for the rest of your time at NewAge. We also have company outings, softball games and volley ball, which helps promote the "team" feeling.”
“I love team/family atmosphere. Since day one I have felt part of the team. If you need help with something everyone is willing to help and I'm willing to help anyone else. Being a ESOP company everyone has a vested interest in the company.”
“We are like a family and I feel comfortable coming to work everyday. The employees and team leaders are always ready to help if you have a question about anything.”
“He listens well to all of his employees. If there is a problem he tries to figure out a way to fix it.”
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