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ASTM International

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West Conshohocken, PA

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About ASTM International

ASTM International, ( established in 1898 and originally known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, is an international organization that develops and publishes voluntary consensus standards used around the world for a wide variety of materials, products, systems and services. Technical fields range from chemical products, energy and building construction - to medical devices, consumer products and nanotechnology. Headquartered in West Conshohocken, Pa., ASTM International also has offices in Beijing and Mexico City. ASTM's 12,000 specifications, test methods, guides and practices are developed and maintained in an open and balanced consensus process involving 30,000 members, from 142 countries.

ASTM International standards are accepted and used globally in research & development, product testing, quality systems and commercial transactions. They facilitate trade, lower production costs and position companies to produce products that meet users' needs for quality, reliability and safety.

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What employees say

“Even after nine years, I am still amazed (and sometimes feel guilty) that we have a 35-hour workweek. While it is understood that sometimes a project requires extra or unusual time, there is never any pressure to sacrifice "personal" time for the organization - though I do it without reservation.”
“Managers have the freedom to accommodate their staff when special circumstances arise that require some flexibility. Because we are so collegial, the staff supports each other at times of need.”
“It treats its employees as valued assets and this goes for every level of the provides flexibility and opportunities for both making a contribution and being recognized....for our particular industry, we strive to do things right and be best in class rather than just getting the work done.”
“Management engages all levels of the organizations in work projects and communicates on a daily basis to the employees. Most senior managers know all of the employees in the organization and make themselves available for questions on work issues at any time. Our organization has a real open door policy. ”
“It provides me the opportunity to stay on top of my field. We invest in both people and technology. The staff are great to work with. Employees are not resistant to change and will work with management to effect that change if provided the opportunity. There is very little politics in the organization. ”
“I feel tremendous satisfaction knowing that I am part of the great contribution that ASTM makes to industry and society as a whole. I am also very motivated by the teamwork that exists on the staff, the respect that we share for each other and the way we work together to achieve our goals. ”
“This is the first place I have worked where I genuinely feel appreciated and respected as a worker. I also feel that what I do makes an impact on the overall success of the organization. The upper management (and even the president) knows my name and always says "hello" when passing.”
“I'm fortunate to have a manager who is forward thinking, supportive, open-minded to new ideas, and has integrity. Opportunities are provided to grow within the job by learning and using new technologies or expanding into new areas of expertise.”
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