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About 50onRed

50onRed creates innovative technology that generates big profits for advertisers and publishers. Our traffic platform enables advertisers to execute and optimize digital ad campaigns around the world at massive scale. For publishers, we offer a suite of monetization solutions to maximize advertising revenue from their digital content. In an always-evolving industry, we make our mark on the cutting edge. Building, breaking, and bettering technology is our secret to staying at the forefront of innovation to lead the market.

What employees say

“Every day is different and challenging. There's no shortage of interesting problems to solve.”
“I am able to learn and grow from the challenges I get to solve. Each day is a new puzzle that always keeps me interested.”
“It's very challenging and I am given the chance to explore the correct solution to what I need to create. I am allowed to use the tools to get the job done without friction from management.”
“The culture is great. Manager encourages and helps me to grow and learn new skills. I get flexibility and great benefits. Working with great people at great place makes me enjoy coming in.”
“The culture and the direction I see the company going in. ”
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