About Red Spark

Red Spark is a fast-growing digital advertising technology company. We build and operate brands in the ad tech space to help advertisers and publishers earn revenue. Engineered from the ground up, our mission is to deliver intelligent advertising experiences to millions of consumers around the globe. Red Spark's leadership team values innovation, has a passion for disruption and a solid vision for our future.

What employees say

“I'm encouraged to expand my knowledge and grow my career.”
“The camaraderie is so present that coming to work just feels welcoming! The office environment itself is beautiful to be around, the work is rewarding, and the perks are amazing!”
“I have a family and the flexibility to work from home.”
“Our leader sees the big picture. Our voices are heard and I get a great sense of appreciation for the expertise our team brings.”
“The atmosphere and the perks.”
Where to find Red Spark