About Muhlenberg College

Muhlenberg College is a highly selective, private, four-year liberal arts college. The College aims to help students develop into independent critical thinkers, prepared for lives of leadership and service. Muhlenberg offers 40 majors in the humanities, fine arts, social sciences and natural sciences in addition to strong pre-professional programs in such areas as pre-health, pre-law, pre-theology, business and education. Our campus is characterized by a deep sense of community and connection, strong faculty-student relationships and collaboration, small classes, passionate teaching and active learning, and powerful outcomes in terms of graduate school and entry-level career placement.

What employees say

“I am valued and trusted as a professional and educator. I am given the flexibility to do what is best for my students and the course.”
“I can work very independently, I am respected, and there is solid leadership.”
“I have a transparent supervisor who has compassion and integrity.”
“The sense of community and team work.”
“They are highly intelligent and work to make the college number one in all academic fields.”
“Muhlenberg College has good administration, good students, and strong ethical values.”
Where to find Muhlenberg College