About Indesign, LLC

Indesign offers electronic product design services from concept through introduction into manufacturing. Our staff has extensive experience in the design and development of electronic products for the consumer, medical, computer, communications, military, industrial, and transportation markets. Our areas of expertise include Electrical/RF Design, Software/Firmware Design, Mechanical Design, Human Factors Design, and Testing/Validation.

What employees say

“I have a supportive work environment with great team members, and the flexibility I need to work efficiently and balance my non-work responsibilities. ”
“I love working with the great people at Indesign. It's like having 70 people watching your back. We work hard and have a lot of fun.”
“There is always an opportunity to learn and grow professionally. The company as a whole cares about each employee. ”
“Great culture.”
“Our commitment to client satisfaction, teamwork, and personal responsibility. ”
Where to find Indesign, LLC