About 360 Services

360 Services offers revolutionary Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services, Fire Protection Services, Grease Trap Pumping Service, and Electrical & Mechanical Services. 360 Services has always lived by the “Employees First, Customers Second” mentality. We believe that if we take care of our people, our people will take care of our customers. We are constantly reminding each employee how important they are to the overall success of 360. We believe that when we empower people, great things can happen. Our goal is to develop, encourage, and cultivate creativity within our team.

This mindset allows us to continually innovate our processes by focusing on the rapidly changing needs of the fire protection market. Our team members truly care about the service we provide. It is simple: if our people are happy then our customers will be happier!

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What employees say

“I am a part of a dynamic, fluid, forward-thinking organization. Also, I have the chance to work with and learn from the best in the business.”
“I am not micro-managed. I am given tools to succeed. I have flexibility in my schedule if needed. ”
“It is a happy and positive place. ”
“The leaders of the company are very motivational and motivate me every day to give my best and then some. They not only motivate you to be better professionally, but also personally.”
“The most meaningful part of 360 is the amazing culture within the employees. There is a tremendous amount of care that goes into not only our service but each employee I work with.”
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