About Sammons Financial Group Member Companies

Sammons Financial Group, Inc. (SFG) is the parent of a group of several successful financial services companies offering a variety of financial and retirement products through multiple distribution channels. These consist of retirement products, annuities, and life insurance (including bank, corporate, and credit union-owned life insurance). The three SFG Member Companies include North American Company for Life and Health Insurance; Sammons Retirement Solutions; and Midland National Life Insurance Company, including its divisions, Sammons Annuity Group and Sammons Corporate Markets Group.

Unlike most financial companies, the Member Companies of SFG are not publicly-traded, which means the companies are not subject to short-term earnings pressures often faced by publicly-traded companies. The SFG Member Companies continue to grow in reputation and stability, due to their unique ownership and prudent investment choices.

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What employees say

“Every day is different and I like the people I work with. ”
“Everyone is very nice, and no one judges you on the questions you ask.”
“I am challenged and welcomed to look for more efficient ways to do more jobs. ”
“I am trusted to get my work done and I am challenged each day in learning new things.”
“I get the opportunity to make lives better and work with some amazing people.”
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