About Norwalk Community School District

Norwalk Community Schools is a k-12 district with a prek-2 building (Oviatt), a 3-5 building (Lakewood) a 6-7 Middle School, 8-9 Eastview and 10-12 High School. We are consistently high performing on ITBS, ACT and other standardzied measures. We are asking our graduates to prepare electronic portfolios aligned with the Iowa Core. Our activies are often among the top ten in Iowa with many state champions and outstanding performances in the last several years.

What employees say

“I am part of a team that is always pushing the edge for students.”
“My job allows me to make a meaningful difference in the lives of many people.”
“We work as a team to do what is best for kids. Our community is very supportive and values education. I am provided with many opportunities for leadership and professional development.”
“Their dedication to doing what is best for students. ”
“Communication. I feel like I can go to my administrator when I begin to feel frustrated and be open and listened to. Expectations are set clearly too.”
Where to find Norwalk Community School District