About MidWestOne Bank

MidWestOne is a full service financial institution rich with tradition and has strong core values dating back to 1934 when we were founded. We have a rather simple mission statement that is easy to understand and connect with, “to take care of our customers… and those who should be”. Our 5 Operating Principles guide the way that we carry out business throughout our organization – so no matter what job you hold or where you sit, these principles surround, develop, and support our employees. Our Brand Promise, “We promise to make you our #1 priority in everything we do”, is a powerful statement about the importance of our customers and our employees who serve them.

MidWestOne’s commitment to our customers, our shareholders, and our employees is one intended to make a difference in other people’s lives and we come to work every day to do just that.

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What employees say

“I am valued as an employee and as a person. I am given opportunities to continually learn so I can constantly improve. My contributions are appreciated.”
“I have autonomy.”
“I know I can make a positive difference in people's financial lives. ”
“MidWestOne Bank believes in me and what I can accomplish.”
“We are becoming a bigger bank but we still follow small bank values. ”
Where to find MidWestOne Bank