About Kuder, Inc.

Kuder strives to be the best at what we do and takes pride in being recognized as a global leader and authority in the education and career development industry. We credit our success to staying true to our vision — To help people discover and achieve what they want to be — and letting our unwavering commitment to research and our unique, customer?centered philosophy guide our way. Kuder has created over 120 custom solutions for organizations across the world. Most notably, Kuder developed and currently powers comprehensive statewide online career planning systems in AL, AR, CO, FL, IN, NE, TN, and OK.

Globally, Kuder is collaborating with organizations and government agencies to support their educational, workforce, business, and human development strategies. Kuder is proud to have been called upon for consultation by ambassadors, department ministers, and policy leaders in Ireland, Qatar, Rwanda, Singapore, Tasmania, the United Arab Emirates, and many more.

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What employees say

“Everyone is very good at their job and very friendly.”
“I am good at it. I am having a positive impact on Kuder and the customers they serve. ”
“Kuder not only helps students and adults in the US, but is also connecting people globally.”
“He is a great visionary and is very generous to employees.”
“They care about me and my family.”
Where to find Kuder, Inc.