About Iowa Farm Bureau Federation

membership organization which advocates for the sustainability of rural Iowa and the integrity, character and diversity of the Iowa farmer through grassroots membership policy development, membership discounts for affiliated business partners and community outreach, communication and youth support education and scholarship programs.

What employees say

“I have the freedom to create and administer programs for farmers that deal with their business. We are moving programs and information to members to new technology to try to fit today's farmers' needs and abilities.”
“Solid company, great mission, and people who work here are passionate about what we do.”
“We work for a well-respected organization that strives to improve agriculture.”
“Listens to employees and genuinely cares about their overall well-being. I have never had an employer that cares as much about their employees as this leader.”
“The method of management, the sincere asking of "what do you think about this, how are things in your region." My thoughts and ideas are asked for frequently, and taken seriously.”
Where to find Iowa Farm Bureau Federation