About Hagie Manufacturing Company

Ray Hagie never intended to produce the world's first self-propelled sprayer. He wanted to grow hybrid corn. In fact, his first piece of equipment - a detasseler - was built for his own seed corn fields. But as Hagie Hybrids continued to grow, so did the demand for his "above the crop" equipment. Hagie's Iowa farmstead became the birthplace of Hagie Manufacturing in 1947 - and the world's first self-propelled sprayer. Today Hagie is one of the only companies who sell directly to the end user. Manufacturing, customer support, production, engineering and all other positions are housed in the Clarion facility.

What employees say

“Being honest is encouraged, even if it isn't the response our managers were hoping to hear. We work hard to make things better for all employees and customers.”
“Hagie is an extremely unique work environment. It provides an outstanding opportunity where team members are encouraged to think outside of the box and everyone is treated equally.”
“I enjoy the people I work with and work for. They make coming to work fun. There is never a day I wake up and don't want to come to Hagie.”
“I have al ot of freedom to explore and innovate things in my work. My co-workers are very supportive and fun to work with.”
“I love my job because I feel that I am encouraged to make a difference daily, to bring about change and to be part of something bigger than myself.”
Where to find Hagie Manufacturing Company