Arnold Motor Supply, LLP

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Spencer, IA

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’14, ’15, ’16, ’17

About Arnold Motor Supply, LLP

In the book about our founder E.P. Arnold, and the early history of Arnold Motor Supply, “You Build A Business With People,” by Eric Johnson, the author states, “…the story of E.P.Arnold and the business he built is a testament to doing things the right way. The traits he cultivated during his life are just as applicable today as they were nearly 90 years ago when he took a leap of faith and started his business with $500 and a dream….” The great American dream. Arnold Motor Supply was established in 1927 in Spencer, Iowa. We have grown to be the 14th largest auto parts chain in the United States.

. We are a vertically integrated auto parts distributor that resides in a multi-channel distribution system. We are an LLP operating in a five- state area centered in Iowa, with 51 auto parts stores, three industrial coatings outlets, two stand-alone body shop distributors, three auto parts distribution centers, and 19 machine shops.. What we have is the true American Dream.

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