About Wiland, Inc.

Located along the beautiful Colorado Front Range and nestled between Boulder and Longmont, Wiland is a leading marketing intelligence company serving many of the nation's top companies and organizations. We provide data-driven direct marketing solutions—both digital and offline—to thousands of clients in a wide variety of markets and industries across the U.S. Leveraging a vast transactional database, powerful analytics, and advanced technology, Wiland delivers a comprehensive set of services that drive its clients’ success. At a time when marketing is increasingly data-driven, Wiland, Inc.

provides the most sophisticated consumer data modeling available to the nation’s marketers.

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What employees say

“I feel like I'm part of a team and I belong.”
“I work with great people striving to make a great product even better. ”
“The people at the company are so friendly and compassionate.”
“We have a wonderful culture here.”
“That integrity is such an important part of this company.”
Where to find Wiland, Inc.