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Employees in region:
Information Technology
HQ location:
Irvine, CA

Top Workplace
’13, ’14

About Trace3

Trace3 is Evolution Partner (EP) focused on Converged Infrastructure and New Technology with Human Capital Services.

What employees say

“I can passionately do what is best for the company and have support from all angles. Trace3 trusts me and I honestly trust them. ”
“I love working as an engineer, solving the problems of our customers. I have the flexibility to be creative in what I do. ”
“The most talented and motivated group of people I have ever worked with. Because of the level of talent, everyone brings their A game to work every day and I enjoy that.”
“The people. The people at Trace3 are the best people in the industry.”
“We are innovating the marketplace we work in. No one else does what we do. It's a lot of fun to be a part of!”
“The autonomy to succeed and working in an organization where everyone wants to win. ”
Where to find Trace3