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About Newark Charter School

Newark Charter School is an independently-operated public school serving 2,140 students in grades K-11. In the fall of 2016 the school will expand to include 12th grade and 2,330 students. The Mission of the Newark Charter School is to promote high levels of student effort, achievement and decorum for children in grades K-12 in the Greater Newark community by providing continuous, engaging and rigorous academic challenges grounded in a sequential core of common knowledge, delivered in a community of students, educators and involved parents who value scholarship and appropriate behavior.

What employees say

“I get to work with amazing children and teachers in a positive environment.”
“I have the independence, accountability and authority to complete my job effectively.”
“I work in a positive and professional environment where I feel valued and I value others.”
“The people with whom I work and the children we serve.”
“Caring administration, faculty, staff, and parents. ”
Where to find Newark Charter School