About Manchester Community College

Manchester Community College advances academic, economic, civic, personal and cultural growth by providing comprehensive, innovative and affordable learning opportunities to diverse populations. We are a learning-centered community committed to access, excellence and relevance.

What employees say

“I am making a difference with students and I am supported by my department chair and division director. I am getting paid for doing what I love.”
“I feel I make a difference in the students' direction in their careers and I am free to be creative in my teaching and the development of new programs. I do feel appreciated for all I do at MCC.”
“Our president is a great leader and a fine person. The campus is lovely. The students are committed. My colleagues are smart and personable. Everyone respects each other.”
“The focus on the diverse student population motivates myself to be efficient and prepared for new perspectives by other students.”
“Provides honest feedback, promotes professional development, says thank you for a job well done.”
“The goal to have every students succeed and the support that is provided to help students achieve.”
Where to find Manchester Community College