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Epipheo, Inc.

Employees in region:
Advertising & Marketing
HQ location:
Cincinnati, OH

Top Workplace
’13, ’14

About Epipheo, Inc.

Epipheo is a group of storytellers that help their clients discover and communicate the "why" behind their product or service to their target audience. They are obsessed with finding the real meaning and human value within companies and use a variety of mediums such as video, interactive websites and print media to tell their client's stories.

What employees say

“I literally get to learn something new each day, which continually challenges me and helps me to grow in my professional life and in my personal life.”
“Telling stories that have the potential to change people's lives is the highest goal. Epipheo awards me the opportunity to not only tell those stories for clients, but also tell them for myself.”
“They are constantly checking in with me, training me, and giving me all the tools that I need in order to be successful at my job. ”
“When they ask how we are doing it is more than simple courtesy, they really want to know. They schedule time on a weekly basis to sit down with me and make sure that I am doing well.”
“That we can put our lives first and work second. Epipheo values our families just as much as good business. ”
Where to find Epipheo, Inc.