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About Upshot

We are a marketing agency that creates ideas, advertising, promotions, marketing and interactive solutions for blue chip clients like P&G, Kraft Foods, Subway Restaurants, New Balance and Corona. We encourage everyone to do the best work possible so they?re constantly challenged and engaged in the company. We work hard to create a work environment people want to be a part of and contribute to. We?ve found just the right mix between creativity, challenging work, camaraderie and fun to make Upshot a great workplace. We start with people who thrive working in an environment that encourages collaboration and free thinking.

Then we provide an atmosphere that flourishes and nurtures the culture?with both corporate-driven and employee-driven initiatives. We stimulate Upshotters? minds with information, training and idea exchanges. Upshotters revel in the fact that we get to work with super smart, wicked funny and truly creative people where innovation, intelligence, passion and creativity are rewarded over conformity.

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What employees say

“It allows me to be creative all the time. The work environment is great.”
“The great team of people I work with.”
“The people are amazing. There's a real sense of family among coworkers. There's no shortage of humor.”
“Autonomy, encouragement, freedom. ”
“The number of employees working here for many years. The strong way they approach new business.”
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