About The Jellyvision Lab, Inc.

Jellyvision talks people through big life decisions, like selecting a health insurance plan, saving for retirement, managing finances, and navigating a career. Our recipe: behavioral science, cutting-edge tech, great writing, purposeful humor, original animation, and oregano. Our most famous product is ALEX on Choosing Your Plan, an interactive decision-support tool that helps employees make benefits enrollment decisions. We also make products that help employees do things like figure out how to get the most from their health insurance coverage; improve their overall financial wellness; understand how their 401(k) benefits work; understand the process of submitting short term disability claims; or save money on their health care expenses.

We think long and hard about what engages people and design our products accordingly—using language a third-grader could understand, delightful graphics and animations that clarify key points, and strategically placed moments of on-task humor.

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What employees say

“The great people I work with.”
“We're given the freedom to try, fail, learn, and grow in our roles, and we're able to work in whatever ways are best for us. I never knew a company could be so accommodating.”
“Great coaching. Very respectful. Very encouraging and goal-oriented. Gives constructive advice. ”
“We're genuinely helping people, and having a lot of fun in the process.”
“I get to work with incredible people.”
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