About The Computing Technology Industry Association, Inc.

As a non-profit trade association advancing the global interests of tech businesses, tech professionals, tech educators and anyone interested in a tech career, CompTIA focuses its programs in these main areas: - Networking: Member-led communities, councils, and events that help thousands of tech executives and professionals expand their networks and give back to the industry - Education: Vendor-neutral education, business standards, technical content, and career advice to help drive business revenue and professional growth - Thought Leadership: Highly regarded research and industry-leader opinion on topics including technology trends, cybersecurity and workforce issues - Certification: Vendor-neutral certifications that help millions of IT pros around the world validate their skills and advance in their careers - Advocacy: Advocacy at state, federal, and international levels for policies that build a skilled tech workforce and advance the digital economy - Philanthropy: Help for those who are under-represented in IT and those who lack economic opportunity to prepare for, secure and succeed in IT careers

What employees say

“The future of the company and upcoming projects.”
“The employees and how they are valued as an individual.”
“It allows me to use all of my skills and to develop new skills, and gives me freedom to try new ideas.”
“Having the ability to help individuals change their lives. ”
“I am constantly challenged to learn and grow. I also appreciate the work/life balance. ”
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