About Northbrook Public Library

Welcome to the Northbrook Public Library – the peoples' university. Our modern facility and wealth of print and electronic resources enable on-sight and remote access. An extensive array of programs are available for all ages and interests. Ongoing art exhibits, book discussion groups, lectures, film series, and our interactive classroom are yours to experience.

What employees say

“I feel like I do work that is engaging, interesting, and diverse. There is a wonderful mix of off-desk time and time with the public, which I love. The people are what make this place great.”
“The staff is so intelligent and up-to-date with their field, the patrons are very nice, the book budget is excellent, the children are fun, the programs offered are excellent.”
“The supportive attitude of administration and fellow staff members throughout the library.”
“They listen, are willing to collaborate and are open to new ideas.”
“I'm always thanked for any task I complete.”
“The library has continued to grow in every way and, in spite of the economy, has remained optimistic and has given us the confidence to face the public every day with cheerfulness. ”
Where to find Northbrook Public Library