About Geneca

Geneca is a Chicago-based, custom software development company whose #1 priority is making great software and supporting the talented people who create it. Our services include custom software development, "Getting Predictable" requirements definition, Getting Predictable governance, and mobile development. When other software developers first talk about project management, development approaches, and technologies, we focus on the underlying factors that can make or break a project: A common vision among all project stakeholders, commitment-based estimations, and metrics the business can understand and own.

By fully addressing these obstacles before work begins, we make software teams better equipped to deliver in spite of curveballs and unwelcomed surprises. Geneca is widely known for its excellent culture and is a destination workplace for Chicago IT professionals. Our culture is based on hiring great people, making them happy, and removing all obstacles to their success. We believe our success is a reflection of the how employees feel about working at here -- engaged and committed.

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What employees say

“It allows me to be me and be a contributor.”
“My coworkers are extremely friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. The work is challenging and fulfilling. Geneca has a great culture and positive work environment.”
“Our people. They are our secret sauce. ”
“It's a comfortable, fun place to work. The people here are fun to be around and overall it's a very positive work environment.”
“The people. They are among the best and brightest in the industry and make working every day enjoyable.”
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