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About EMKAY Inc.

EMKAY is dedicated to being the premier provider of fleet management solutions. We optimize fleet performance by delivering innovative products and technologies, expeditious service, and proactive consulting. We are committed to simplifying the fleet management process on our client's end so that they can focus more on their business and less on what we are here to do for them. We empower our clients and their drivers through our user-friendly - yet, innovative and industry leading technologies. We are a premier force in everything fleet management, and when a new fleet leasing need arises, EMKAY will be there with a solution.

We create a client experience that is simple, better and different.

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What employees say

“I grow and able to my job with ethics.”
“I love my job because of the great atmosphere, everyone is helpful and supportive. ”
“Leadership that truly wants to be first in class.”
“Sharing in the success.”
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