About Elmhurst Library

We are a Public Library. We loan books, movies, music, e readers, digital books, music and magazines. We provide programming for both children and adults. We provide meeting room space for large and small groups. We provide space to members of our community to relax, create and learn.

What employees say

“I have the freedom to create my best work. My manager has faith in my professional ability and I don't have to limit myself.”
“I love my job because of the enthusiasm and staff support that prevails. There is a sense of pride in providing excellent customer service to our patrons. ”
“It makes me feel that what I do is important and affects others positively.”
“Willing to be flexible with scheduling to allow for the things life throws at you.”
“The people I work with are continually supportive and inspiring, more than I might have hoped.”
“She is a great listener and allows me opportunities to experiment with new ideas. She offers great insights and advice but doesn't micromanage. I have never had a better manager.”
Where to find Elmhurst Library