About Charles Rutenberg Realty of IL, LLC

Charles Rutenberg Realty of Illinois, LLC is a firm being built upon the premise that it is the agent in the field who generates the business and, as such, it is that agent who should retain the lion's share of the earned commissions. We believe the agent in the field is looking for a firm that will provide the infrastructure support for him or her to build their business but not one where the managing broker competes with them for the next deal or one that demands an inordinate share of the hard-earned commission dollars earned through the agent's efforts.

Our objective is to create an environment whereby the agent and the firm operate in a win-win arrangement in the real estate business. What we provide is the opportunity for agents to fully profit from the real estate business they have developed and to receive the deal support they request from a managing broker who is not busy competing with them for deals in their marketplace.

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What employees say

“Charles Rutenberg Realty provides the tools and structure I need to succeed while giving me the freedom I want.”
“Earning potential and flexibility.”
“I control my own destiny.”
“I have the freedom to run my business as I see fit.”
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