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Cash America, International

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Financial Services & Insurance
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Fort Worth, TX

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’12, ’13
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About Cash America, International

Cash America International, Inc. is an organization that provides specialty financial services to individuals in the United States and Mexico with over 1,000 locations. Our Core Purpose, “We provide financial solutions that help ordinary people meet their needs and pursue their dreams.” is at the heart of who we are. We are the nation's largest provider of secured non-recourse loans, commonly referred to as pawn loans. A pawn loan is a collateralized loan, one Cash America makes based on the value of the item pledged to secure the loan.

They are based on a typical 30-day contract with a grace period as allowed by state law. During the past 28 years, Cash America has become a leader in the pawnshop industry by going above and beyond to offer new and unique services for our customers. We were the first to develop brightly lit, attractive stores staffed with friendly customer service representatives. As the first publicly owned pawn chain, we've established a high-end, customer-centric pawn business and have redefined the industry with everything from store concepts and layouts to a comprehensive database for appraising collateral.

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