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About Shawmut Design and Construction

Shawmut Design and Construction is a leading national construction management firm with a strong local and regional presence. Shawmut specializes in building high-profile and complex projects in a variety of markets ranging from hospitality to retail, institutional to commercial. Unique among construction management companies, Shawmut provides the same level of high-value services for projects of all sizes, ranging from single restaurants and retail stores to national brand roll-outs and both minor and major academic, healthcare and commercial construction.

We provide specialized services including collaborative pre-construction, green building, virtual construction capabilities, industry-leading safety practices, and post-construction services. We are headquartered in Boston with regional offices in West Springfield, New York, Providence, New Haven, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

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What employees say

“I enjoy what I do. Shawmut provides a positive work environment. ”
“I have been here 11 years and they have done nothing but support me. They also appreciate and recognize the hard work that I have put in.”
“It is challenging and there is always something new to learn.”
“My duties are challenging and my co-workers, along with my manager, are very supportive.”
“The field and clients are challenging and make me push my personal limits to new heights every day.”
Where to find Shawmut Design and Construction