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About KAYAK Software Corp

We’re a tech company focused on making online travel better. Cofounders of Expedia, Travelocity and Orbitz started KAYAK in 2004 to take a different approach. Our website and mobile apps enable you to easily compare hundreds of travel sites at once, in one comprehensive, fast and intuitive display. If you want to spend hours searching every airline, hotel and other travel site yourself, that’s one option. If you’d prefer an easier way to find a good deal, we can help. Once you find what you want, we give you choices where to book (most travel sites do not), including airline, hotel, car rental and online travel agency sites.

We’ll send you right to the booking page to finish your purchase there. You can also book your hotel right on KAYAK with our fast, easy and secure booking process. We also offer travel management tools including an itinerary management tool, flight status updates and price alerts. We make money from advertising, so just like you can watch (most) TV shows for free, you can use KAYAK all you want, free (and no, we don’t add any fees). Our free mobile app is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, and Nokia, and we have local KAYAK sites in fourteen countries.

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What employees say

“The people are great and the work environment is excellent. You can't ask for better working conditions.”
“The people I work with are kind and hard workers.”
“There's so much room to express myself and grow.”
“Great team, good work, good compensation.”
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