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About Harmonix Music Systems

Harmonix is one of the world's leading independent game development studios, creators of the blockbuster Rock Band and Dance Central franchises, the newly released iOS video music app VidRhythm, as well as the original developers of Guitar Hero. We are in the business of fun, creating groundbreaking interactive experiences that get people singing, dancing, rocking out and more. The artists, designers, coders, gamers, musicians, and dancers at this Cambridge-based studio are all hard at work (and play!) inventing the future of music entertainment.

What employees say

“I am grateful to work in such a talented and artistic surrounding. I love being in the career field that I desired to be in for so long.”
“My co-workers are talented, passionate, and driven.”
“We work on things that inspire, teach, and entertain millions of people around the world.”
“The culture and sheer variety of creative folks from different backgrounds makes the quality my work far exceed what it would be otherwise.”
“They listen to concerns, make sure artistic creativity is cultivated, and give me plenty of direction when needed.”
“Senior management at Harmonix are completely invested in our products, and they all have a very clear idea of what's really going on at the company. ”
Where to find Harmonix Music Systems