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Synaptics, Incorporated

Employees in region:
Information Technology
HQ location:
San Jose, CA

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’10, ’12, ’14

About Synaptics, Incorporated

Our company has established a values, mission and corporate philosophy / vision in 1986 it has not changed. We have proactively adapted to the global economy, technology demands and diverse workforce that has enhanced the customer experience, employee engagement and shareholder value. Core Values Mission Statement • Creativity and initiative • Exemplary customer partnerships • A respectful and stimulating work environment We are leaders in enriching the interaction between humans and intelligent devices. Behavioral Norms • Confidence and Trust o We believe we can win together • Planning o We take time to plan, we remain calm and focused • Accountability and Commitment o We hold ourselves accountable to commitments that we make • Effective Communications o We engage and communicate openly and directly in a timely fashion • Systemic Solutions o We look for and implement systemic solutions to improve company productivity, scalability and performance • Positive Reinforcement o We acknowledge accomplishments • Customer Partnerships o We understand that in order to win, our internal and external customers must be highly satisfied Synaptics is a leading worldwide developer of human interface solutions for mobile computing, communications, and entertainment devices. Synaptics was founded in 1986 by Federico Faggin and Carver Mead. We have grown from a neural network research organization into leaders in human interface solutions. We launched our flagship TouchPad interface in 1995 and quickly became a leader in the PC notebook marketplace. We continued to innovate with new human interface solutions for an expanding roster of devices, including notebook PCs, PC peripherals, digital music players, mobile phones, GPS devices, and remote controls. Synaptics went public in 2002 with a successful IPO and is currently listed on the NASDAQ exchange. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, the Synaptics team comprises more than 524 employees in nine countries, with more than half of our employees in technology, engineering and product design functions. Our company is uniquely suited to meet the needs of the emerging digital lifestyle trends for innovative, intuitive human interfaces for consumer electronic devices. We combine decades of technological leadership with an innovation-driven culture that's always looking to the future. In the fast-paced markets we serve we continually search for new innovations that enrich and streamline the interaction between humans and intelligent electronic devices. Synaptics and the PC/PC Peripheral Marketplace Synaptics is the established leader and innovator for interface solutions in the notebook market, with the majority of today's notebook computers shipping with a Synaptics solution. Since 1995, when we shipped our first TouchPad™ solution, our focus has been to create custom and intuitive interface solutions that enhance user's experience with their mobile computers. We serve as a comprehensive source of human interface solutions and our designs add value to PCs and PC peripherals through space savings, ease of integration, reliability, durability, and innovative design. Our commitment to our customers, track record for design, delivery and support, and emphasis on human factors and usability makes Synaptics the brand of choice for the world's leading PC manufacturers. Synaptics and the Handheld Devices Marketplace Synaptics applies its expertise in sensing technology and interface design to solve the unique challenges of the mobile devices—including mobile phones, portable entertainment devices, GPS devices, PDAs, and more. For many of these devices, the screen is the interface. As users grow to expect more interaction and capabilities from their devices, Synaptics is ready with a range of flexible, innovative human interface solutions designed specifically for handheld devices. Our products translate gestures into scrolling, cursor control, selection, and even text input. The resulting interface solution offers users a compelling and simple way to access and navigate complex mobile menus and applications. As handheld devices add new feature rich capabilities and content, the human interface will continue to become even more important. Diversity We encourage diversity in our work force, and are committed to hiring top candidates for our global community. At Synaptics all employment decisions are based upon principles of equal employment opportunity. As part of our corporate values, Synaptics promotes equal employment opportunity to all employees and applicants. Corporate Social Responsibility Synaptics is committed to operating our organization in a fair, socially responsible manner at all levels. Ensuring a diverse workforce Synaptics recruits a global workforce that promotes innovation, diversity, and teamwork. We recruit, integrate, and develop a global workforce. Employee rotations provide enriched skill, career, and cultural exchanges. Protecting the environment Synaptics creates and manufactures products that enhance how people interface with intelligent devices—while meeting the challenges of environmental sustainability. Our commitment to the environment includes product design, packaging, waste management, effective office building management, and corporate recycling programs. Our corporate governance Synaptics enjoys an open culture with a mindset of trust, dignity, and adherence to corporate policies. Synaptics has active governance programs relating to our code of conduct, harassment, whistleblowing, insider trading policies, and other critical areas. Our goal is to support and promote integrity and policy compliance with our employees, shareholders, partners, customers, and governmental agencies. Programs designed to reinforce our company's values, etc The recruiting process The new employee integration process The performance review assessments Our compensation philosophy Our Chairman and executive travel during employee meetings Our engagement survey Our internal training On our web site On cards passed to each employee

What employees say

“I seen Synaptics change and grow every day.”
“It's rewarded and enjoyable.”
“The technology is leading edge.”
“We are all part of a big team in a very efficient and organized company.”
“This company runs very well thanks to the efforts of every one of its members. Everyone feels like part of a big effort, and because of that, the company runs like a very well-oiled machine.”
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