About Survice Engineering Co

SURVICE Engineering provides development, testing, and analysis services for combat systems. SURVICE’s core business areas are studies and analysis, test and evaluation, modeling and simulation, and information technologies. SURVICE’s special technologies include Rayforce, its real-time ray-tracing engine for high-precision, high-speed imagery; addressing the threat of fire with focus on prediction, protection, and mitigation; providing innovative and integrated 3-D measurement and modeling services; information assurance for interdependent combat systems to survive, operate, and succeed in information warfare environments; and system safety with analytical studies, program planning, and testing/verification services.


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What employees say

“Every day I feel challenged and am able to learn something new. ”
“The people.”
“I love what our company does and I have the best boss EVER!”
“I get to utilize my skillset on a daily basis as well as learn new ones.”
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