About Edwards Performance Solutions

Founded in 1997, Edwards Performance Solutions provides business solutions that result in greater operational performance. We enhance customer capabilities – finding ways to improve productivity, profitability, and security. We integrate security requirements into all technical and management perspectives – safeguarding information and organizations in the market. Our cybersecurity assessments, plans, and other tailored solutions fit your budget to keep you informed and well protected. By delivering the highest quality services, we ensure operational performance excellence, driving overall mission success using our four Solution Areas: Enterprise Management, IT Services, Learning & Development, and Cybersecurity.

What employees say

“You want to succeed for the entire organization. ”
“The people at every level of the organization. ”
“I feel that I make a difference in the positive direction of the company.”
“The people.”
“I get to work with the best and brightest, doing what I love to do.”
Where to find Edwards Performance Solutions